The process of selling a home can be stressful. Our process is designed to produce consistent results and close the deal.


After reviewing market info and the condition of your property, we will work with you to determine the appropriate listing price and draft an agreement outlining the terms of the listing.


We then create a listing for your property on agent databases (FMLSGAMLS) our website and social media platforms, where any other registered agent in the state will find your property based on their search criteria.

Each also has a public interface where buyers can search as well.



We maintain a list of prospective buyers and will share your property with them directly.


We also have relationships with hundreds of other area agents who are constantly working to find property for their clients. 

Open Houses

We host open houses for prospective buyers.


Agent Previews

We host specialized open houses for real estate agents to generate excitement.

Mailers and Social Media Shares

We feature your property in our regular mailers and social media posts, sharing with our thousands of followers.


After marketing your property, we expect offers to come in from buyers and buyer's agents outlining their terms for purchasing the property. We will review each together and decide which, if any, are suitable. You might want to counteroffer as well and there might be a back and forth before an agreement that satisfies all parties can be reached.

Once we have come to an agreement with a buyer, we proceed to inspections and appraisals and prepare for closing. 


If all goes well and the buyer is able to finalize the process of securing the funds to close, whether cash or financing, we finally get to close and everyone gets to start their new journey.